About AA

Academic Asia Hong Kong was founded in 1980.

With over 40 years’ consultancy experience resulting in over ten thousands of student placements in UK schools and colleges, Academic Asia has developed into one of the largest and most comprehensive educational agencies in Hong Kong specialized in UK schools placements. The number of boys and girls placed in the UK by Academic Asia continues to grow and we are very proud that a significant number of students are offered scholarships and exhibitions to some of the UK’s most prestigious institutions. With help from our UK schools and extensive network of alumni, we have successfully placed a number of students in schools with full or partial scholarships, giving them a life changing experience.

Academic Asia’s success is the result of the professionalism and enthusiasm of its staff. All our consultants were educated in the UK so have first-hand experience of what it is like to study at a boarding school and they are committed to providing the best, impartial and most appropriate advice. Annual school visits to the UK keep us up to date with developments and also ensures we maintain contact with our students and their progress. Our UK based staff enhance our communication with schools and students enabling us to offer a seamless service at all times.

Our service is free of charge and we are committed to maintaining a first-class service for all families. Please do contact us – we are always available to help in any way we can with your enquiries.


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Consultation & Initial Screening

We understood each child is unique!

We strive to provide tailor-made and impartial consultation to each family.

To allow us to understand your child, we offer free initial screening test including English and Mathematics and a short conversation with our consultant in English, often called “AA Test”

What is the Procedure?

  1. Book AA Test by calling us at 2833 0919 or complete our Student Enquiry Form and we will contact you shortly. Advance booking for the test is recommended as our consultants are often fully booked during busy times.
  2. Parent and child attend the appointment, bringing 2 years’ school reports, achievement certificates and a brief CV if available. Your child will attend the test.
  3. Our consultant will meet with parent and child to understand their needs with the aim to provide the best possible education path to the child, should the family interest to apply to schools we recommended, we will follow up with the applications.

Entrance Exams and Interviews

AA has extensive experience in conducting schools entrance exams and interviews.

Once students have registered with their selected schools, students are normally required to sit for the entrance examinations and many schools will conduct skype interview if face to face is not feasible.

Accredited exam centre

UK Independent Schools' Entry Test (UKiset)


Every student studying in a UK boarding school is required to have a guardian. The role of the guardian is to act in place of the parent in all matters. These might include sudden illness or accident, a discipline problem in school, transfers to and from the airport if the school does not provide them, arrangements for homestay for exeats and half term breaks.

Some parents have relatives or friends living quite near the chosen school, who are willing to undertake this role. If you have difficulty in locating a UK guardian, a guardianship agency can offer assistance in making arrangements for your child. The guardianship agency you choose should be officially checked and accredited by one of the two professional organisations who offer accreditation.

If you use an agency, it is the Directors of that agency who are the official guardians of the child, not the home-stay family. In practice, however, it is nearly always the homestay family who form a close relationship with the student and help out with problems.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Every year in July, AA arranges our Pre-Departure Briefing especially for our students who are going to study in the UK in the coming September, the briefing covers preparation information before departure. Guest Speakers are also invited to share their experience. This is also an opportunity for students meeting new friends who are joining the same school in September.

Student Visa Application

Students who are going to study in the UK for a course more than 6 months will be required to apply for Student Visa. (Students who are British Citizen or holding EU passports are exempted from applying for Student Visa.) Academic Asia will assist our students to make Student Visa application.

Flights & Travel

Special fares for Academic Asia students and parents are provided by British Airways, please contact us for more information.