Date (From) Date (To) Time Topic Detail  
2020-07-24 (Fri) 2020-07-24 (Fri) Pre-Departure Briefing Live Online Pre-Departure Briefing
2020-09-14 (Mon) 2020-09-20 (Sun) Top Schools The 20th Top Schools UK
2020-10-01 (Thu) 2020-10-02 (Fri) 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM Office Notice Our office is closed from Thursday 1st October to Friday 2nd October for the National Day and the day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival holiday.
2021-02-09 (Tue) 2021-02-09 (Tue) School Assessment Day Tonbridge School - Assessments for 2023 Entry ONLY (coffee lunch and tours)
2021-02-11 (Thu) 2021-02-11 (Thu) School Visit Day Tonbridge School - Coffee and tours for families other than 2023 entry