UK Education EXPO

Every year, AA organizes 2 major expos, normally in October and February. More than 20 schools are invited to attend the expo, this is a unique opportunity for parents and students to meet with the staff from the schools. Many headmasters or headmistresses will attend the event in person, meeting and explaining to the HK families the schools’ ethos and approach. AA encourages parents and students to take the opportunity to meet with the staff in the expo, meeting and talking to the staff will enable parents and students to gain in-depth knowledge of the schools and help choosing the right and best fit for your children. There is no other opportunity for you to meet with so many schools staff in one place!

24 October 2020 - 26 October 2020

Radley offers an environment for boys to grow in self-confidence, thrive academically, and make the most of an enormous range of opportunities. The door is open to any talented candidates who wish to join us in the pursuit of excellence.

If you are interested to meet with the Warden of Radley College (Mr. John Moule) on 6 February (Saturday) at 6pm(HK time) virtually, please complete the form in this link.